Start Your Own Energy Services Business Today!

JDC Energy Services also provides Energy Services Companies (“ESCOs”) expertise capabilities for engineering and architectural firms. Our “back office” services “flattens” the learning curve so professional service firms can offer energy projects expertise to their clients immediately and all without incurring resource-draining fixed expenses and startup costs.

Services (in addition to those listed above) include:

  • Custom-tailored investment grade energy audits’ processes, means, methods and documentation
  • Energy modeling capabilities
  • Qualified energy efficiency professionals to support field surveys
  • Scope, costs, incentives and savings estimates and calculations for potential Energy Conservation Measures (“ECMs”)
  • Incentives programs administration
  • Construction management services
  • Client deliverables such as presentations, proposals and reports
  • Measurement and verification services to validate energy and performance savings
  • Funding options to provide clients with necessary financing